Erins Peaceful Heart

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    Those that knew Erin were among the lucky ones. She enriched so many lives and was a positive influence on so many people. She was loving, caring and she valued family and friends to the highest degree.

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  • Who We Are

    We are friends and family of Erin.

    She was an inspiration to all of us and we are dedicated to continuing the legacy that Erin has established and following in her footsteps.

    We hope that with this website we are able to share a piece of Erin with all of those that visit.

    She will be forever in our hearts.

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"Be With Those Who Help Your Being"

Recent Posts

  • Peace Love Erin!

    Happy Birthday Sweet Erin!

    Welcome to the new website in honor of Erin! It only felt appropriate to honor Erin on her birthday with a new look to Erin’s Peaceful Heart.  Please take a moment to check out some of the new features and pages.  Call it therapy but working on this site gives me more moments to reflect on all the [...]

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Media Updates

  • Malibu Half Marathon

  • Thinking Of You – The Maine

    Erin loved great music. I love great music. We used to share great music together and I miss that. There are many songs and bands that make me think of Erin. I would love to share some of those with her right now. For those visiting this site I will share with you. This band [...]

  • Stockdale Basketball Highlights

    Classic Video Clips from Stockdale – Student Athelete of the Week, Game Highlights on the news.