Erins Peaceful Heart

Happy Birthday Sweet Erin!

Welcome to the new website in honor of Erin!

It only felt appropriate to honor Erin on her birthday with a new look to Erin’s Peaceful Heart.  Please take a moment to check out some of the new features and pages.  Call it therapy but working on this site gives me more moments to reflect on all the positive things Erin did and how many lives she affected.  I am very proud of this site and love being able to share a piece of her with those who knew her and for those who did not have that pleasure.

It is going on 2 years since the passing of Erin and as I am sure I speak for everyone who knew her that a day does not go by that she is not missed and thought of.  She was an inspiration to so many people. She had an infectsious personality that people were drawn to and the type of friend who knew just what to say to cheer you up.

May is a difficult month…no question.  It is an extremely emotional time of the year as we deal with not having Erin here to celebrate her 32nd birthday.  As much as that breaks my heart we are also extremely blessed to celebrate the birthday of our very own stinker of a nephew, Dylan.

While I may never agree with the circumstances surrounding the passing of Erin I take pride in knowing that Erin is the reason why I will continue to always live my life with intention.

Happy Birthday Sweet Sister!

Here’s to… Thinking of You

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